5 Tips to Stay Motivated and NEVER GIVE UP Working Out! 


Having trouble staying motivated to keep working out when you’re just not feeling it? Come with us as we offer 5 effective tips to make sure you NEVER GIVE UP!



Being cooped up without exercise can easily lead to depression - a form of mental illness that’s affected so many people during the pandemic. In fact, 24.5% of women in the US have experienced some kind of mental health problem over the last year, so we’re keen to focus on helping people just like you to live healthier.


So, to help you in your quest to be that person that never quits, here we offer you five effective  tips to shift the balance back in your favor. So, if you’re sitting comfortably with your notepad and pen ready to go, we’ll get started!


Tip #1 - Don’t Set the Bar Too High!


While it’s important to have focus and know what you want to achieve, it’s also important that your fitness goals are realistic. They need to challenge you, sure, as it’s the only way that you’re going to improve your levels, however, if you set the bar too high - your never give up mantra is going to be hard to maintain.


Your journey to a fitter you is a marathon, not a sprint, so your progress needs to be steady. Don’t get demotivated if progress doesn’t come quite as quickly as you’d anticipated either, as sustainable results take time. You should start slowly and then incrementally increase the intensity and duration of your exertions - rather than going all out from minute one!


Tip #2 - Know Your Goals & Focus


While we’re on the subject of goal-setting, it’s vital to know what yours are. It could be that you want to lose weight, be healthier or look better and your motivation is likely to be that much more solid when you keep them in mind. It also pays to write them down and perhaps put them down somewhere you see them regularly - like on the refrigerator!


A visible Never Give Up! message that details why you shouldn’t quit is often all you need to keep going. At those critical moments when you might eat something you perhaps shouldn’t or might choose to skip the gym, a brief reminder of what made you start working out can be critical to making the right decisions.


Tip #3 - Make Your Workouts a Social Event


What’s a good way to make your workout seem easier and more inviting? That’s right - doing it with others. When exercising is a much more social event, the time will likely seem to pass that much more quickly. Being able to chat and encourage each other helps greatly too and it all feeds into making it a more enjoyable experience.


Then, the next time your workout comes around and you have this positive experience in your mind, you’re much less likely to want to avoid it. Sure, people have busy lives and you might not always be able to meet up and train with friends, but if you do it more often than not, you won’t have to work as hard to stay interested.


Tip #4 - Make Sure You’re Organised


If you’re having to tell yourself to never give up on a regular basis, it could be that you’re not organising your life sufficiently well. For example, if you go to get changed into your gym gear and you find that you forgot to get it washed, the likelihood is that you’re going to miss your training that day - rather than wait around until you have washed it.


However, if you wash your exercise clothes the night before and have it ready to go, that’s one less barrier between you and the motivation you need to keep going. It also pays to have a home exercise routine handy for those days when the weather or personal events stop you from being able to go out or get to the gym.


Tip #5 - Get Your Diet Right


If you’re feeling good, you’re not going to be in the mind to give up and one way to make sure that this is the case is by having a healthy diet. As they say - you are what you eat - and when you eat fresh, healthy food each day, you get the fuel you need to be the best version of yourself.


Don’t starve yourself in an attempt to lose more weight either, as all you’re going to do is hinder your progress. A balanced, controlled diet is a key part of the equation as it ensures you get enough healthy energy and you don’t end up feeling so fatigued that you just can’t face the prospect of getting out and exercising.


Take One Day at a Time & Use The Right Equipment


At Elegant Fitness, we believe that you should be grateful for the body you have and take things one step at a time. Everyone has good and bad days, so if you’re realistic and kind to yourself, you’ll be that person who’s able to never give up, as your goals will be attainable. What can you do today that will improve your tomorrow? Be consistent!


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Thanks for reading. We hope our blog helps you maintain your focus and drive to reach your own fitness goals. Remember. You can get there. You just need to find your own motivation and go with it!

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